Neuromuscular Bodywork Therapy (NMT)
is a type of soft tissue manual therapy. It helps stimulate your brain-muscle connections which will benefit poor posture and other related issues. In the last several decades, NMT has been used more often to treat, manage, and prevent soft tissue injuries as well as chronic muscle pain. Neuromuscular Bodywork Therapy covers all the areas of pain management. From acute to chronic and utilizes multiple techniques to bring balance to the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Neuromuscular Bodywork Therapy enhances joint performance, muscle movement. It also provides a natural pain relief through the release of your body’s own endorphins.


Neuromuscular Body Therapy is used to treat several pain-causing aspects:


Distorted Posture
Poor posture can offset the body’s natural balance and cause an imbalance to the muscular system.

Trigger Points
Hypersensitive muscle junctions that can often direct pain directly to other parts of the body.

Restriction of the body’s blood supply to your soft tissues, which often causes hypersensitivity.

Biomechanical Dysfunction
Muscular imbalances that can cause a faulty and often painful execution of daily routine movement patterns.

Nerve Compression
Nerves can sometimes become trapped between tissues, cartilage or even bone, are subject to constant levels of discomfort.