Sports Massage Therapy was originally designed to help athletes perform at their optimum output levels during a game. Sports Massage Therapy is growing in popularity as an effective treatment. The most common use is sport-related injuries or limited ranges of motion. The technique can be used for people of all ages and fitness levels. Sports Massage Therapy focuses on a client’s trouble spots. Some Examples are; shoulder soreness after many holes of golf, or treating a sore hamstring before a race. Sports Massage Therapy can help minimize pain, speed up your recovery time. Most importantly it helps you perform your best at your favorite activities with full range of motion.


There are four variations of Sports Massage Therapy.  Choosing the right one is based on the client’s current level of discomfort and upcoming athletic events.


Pre Event involves a vigorous and stimulating Swedish Massage Therapy that targets muscles that will be used during the next event. In dong this you boost circulation and rev up your energy levels.

Post Event  is designed to help the athlete wind down after an intense physical exertion. It targets muscle soreness while helping to normalize body tissues and also prevent muscle stiffness the following day.

Restorative  is done during a training session to keep an athlete at peak performance levels.  Muscles are kept warm and supple, allowing a more intense exertion during sessions and it helps minimize the risk of injury.

Rehabilitative  is targeted at treating sports injuries and speeding up recovery times.